This e-Atlas aims to provide a comprehensive overview of water resources, infrastructures, usages and management issues in the Orontes River basin. It is developed within a research program led by the Graduate Institute of International and development Studies with the support of the Global Program Water Initiatives of the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency as part of an overall project on Water Security in the Middle East. The program aims to analyze water management challenges and perspectives and to establish a multidisciplinary scientific and technical network on water management in the Orontes River basin including Lebanese, Syrian and Turkish organizations. It is conducted in collaboration with the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute, the Hydrogeology Center of the University of Neuchâtel, the Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems of the Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment of University of Lausanne, the “Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée”, Lyon.

The Atlas is under development, the current version focuses on the upper and middle reaches of the basin. The Turkish section of the basin will be addressed in the second phase of the program. The atlas presents maps, short descriptions, tables and charts addressing several topics from the physical environment to water usages and their evolution in a spatial and historical perspective. It will be gradually completed with additional topics and will also examine the lower reach of the basin.

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Ronald Jaubert, Myriam Saadé-Sbeih, Mohamed Al Dbiyat, Ahmed Haj Asaad (Eds).